Friday, March 2, 2012

Ancient Aliens part 2

More ancient disasters: volcanoes. [Jim interjects: "You can't "cubic tons" only "metric tons." Ton is a weight, not an area."]

Domes, the Buddha, temples, built in wondrous geometric designs and near volcanoes. "Stupas" aimed at the skies. "Flat topped pyramid" says Coppens. All points to, Childress, Coppens, etc. say, aliens. Did these aliens have the means to cause volcanoes and earthquakes, as we have the (presumed) ability to do so today?

On to Hawaii. Pele; Goddess of fire and lightening. [Jim is now taking the drinking game to heart.] The gods of fire, rain, thunder, etc. all over the world, point to "space travelers" says host Giorgio Tsoukalos. On to the Sahara desert and cave paintings of giraffes, and... "the Martians" as Childress says archaeologists call them. Paintings of alien looking beings, who "assisted" humans, Tsoukalos says. Childress: "Alien gods" led the Dogon tribe. Not gods, but extraterrestrials. "Children of the Nommo," the ancient sky gods. 

Ancient China. Carvings of aliens. Big wrap around eyed beings. Peru: "massive planet wide glaciation of the earth." Giorgio's take: information given to humans by extraterrestrials. Big question: did ancient aliens want to save humans, or was there something more, or other? 

2011, Nov. 8th. Asteroid "narrowly misses" the earth. 65 million years ago, one giant asteroid did hit the earth. 180 kilometers (120 miles) in diameter. This event took out many life forms...and cause of the dinosaur extinction. Was this chance, or, ... aliens?  "Why would extraterrestrials do this?" asks Giorgio. Good question. Because we're their property. They either want to protect us, or, destroy us. Seems some days they want to kill us off, some days they want to save us. As silly as that sounds, obvious comparisons to the OT are made.

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