Friday, March 2, 2012

Live Blogging: Ancient Aliens part 1

You know I love this show...
Tonight's show: "Aliens and Mega-Disasters"

Get ready to count/drink/imbue substance of your choice: how many times "If as ancient astronaut theorists contend/think/believe is uttered. For each utterance, indulge. (You'll be potted out of your mind by the end of the program, but what the hell...)

Yea! Nick Redfern is on I see...

Begins with Japans' 2011 earthquake and tsunami, and talk of "pulses of energy."
And of course, that "thousands" of UFOs were seen right before the earthquake. [Jim interjects with the fact that given the high magnitude of the earthquake, the "UFO" sightings were likely geo-generated lights/energies/gases.]

Now to ancient Crete, and the earthquake in the year 365. Raised the isle of Crete 9 meters, or about 30 feet.  This and other events "...ascribed to the gods." Philip Coppens, one of my favorite thinkers and writers, is now on. And the ever effervescent David Childress. Ancient Aliens asks if Poseidon and other gods were not mere fantasies, but something ... else. Was his trident, Childress wonders, some sort of technological device? 

Could these disasters, ancient and current, be the work of the "gods" (aliens) as "ancient astronaut theorists believe?"

Now: Haiti, and the earthquake in 200, with a "strange ball of light" right before the earthquake. And now we have the elusive and excellent William Bramley, author of Gods of Eden.  Ah, but the earthquake lights aren't just geo-physical effects, they're more specific than that, Bramley suggests. Now we're getting to Nick Redfern and "tools of warfare" and "modifying and exploiting the weather" oh yes. HAARP, etc. Attempts have been made by governments during war, including Vietnam.And so the question is asked: could ancient peoples/aliens have done the same? Was "the great flood" and Noah's Ark, the result of alien actions? 

The aliens were unhappy with us, and created the flood, but more benevolent aliens intervened.


Jonathan MS Pearce said...

For anyone who is interested, here is our take on the ancient aliens thesis:

Dubious, to say the least!

Regan Lee said...

Rally,dahling, did you think your link would convert me to your cause? It is only because you have shown a large amount of chutzpah in posting a link to a skeptoid blog that I've put your comment through. For I am, on principle, loathe to promote debunkers and skeptibunkies, as many well know. Actually, your link amounts to spam, but what the hell.