Sunday, April 15, 2012

April: the month of the Dinosaur

Canada's new collectible coin has a dinosaur image that glows in the dark.Canada's newest coin glows in the dark. The glow in the dark image is of the dinosaur skeleton. On the other side of the coin is an image of the Queen. Juxtaposed, the image of the Queen reminds one of all the royal reptilian lore in UFO Land.
In other news, there are dinosaurs in space. Or, could be, theorizes Dr. Ronald Brewslow of Columbia University:
Published in the March 25 issue of the "Journal of the American Chemical Society," the study addresses the chemistry of amino acids here on Earth. But study author Dr. Ronald Breslow, a professor of chemistry at Columbia University in New York City, said in a written statement the work suggests that if life forms do exist on other planets, they “could well be advanced versions of dinosaurs."
Breslow speculates dinosaur stuff was carried through space on meteorites, landed on a planet, and, dinosaurs were born. Naturally, Dr. Breslow is a lot more scientific than I just was, but that's the idea.

Breslow has his critics, like Dr. Paul "PZ" Myers: ["Dr. Myers termed the paper] “badly written nonsense.” Maybe, but do we need to heed Breslow's warning of extraterrestrial dinosaurs?: "I just warn that they might well see us as food.”

Other April dinosaur items: a cousin of T-Rex -- "Yutyrannus huali or "beautiful feathered tyrant," - was a feathered creature. This didn't mean the dinosaur could fly, but rather, the feathers were for "decorative purposes" or, possibly, for insulation.

And a fossil find of a dinosaur mother who died with her eggs still inside her, with the kind of creepy acknowledgement that "Mother's Day is just around the corner."

Lots of dinosaur news around lately. Dinosaurs are always popular. But the weirdness of the dinosaurs in space "theory," along with the warning they might eat us is an odd one. And how are they going to eat us? Are they coming to invade? Here's a casual Reptilian Overlord story cast in a scientific guise.

Writer Andy Colvin (Mothman's Phoograpther,Mothman Speaks!, etc.) suggests these dinosaur stories are omens of something still big to come, around the 19th, possibly. Earthquakes? More severe weather strangeness?

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