Sunday, April 15, 2012

Entering the Orb: Searching the blood part 1

I'm not sure why this suddenly came to me all of a sudden like, but I got to wondering (again) about a connection, if any, between those with Rh negative blood and alien/UFO experiences. And since I have Rh negative blood, well, there you go. Brief background: I've seen UFOs since childhood (I'm now in my late 50s), have had a life time of paranormal experiences in general (psychic/telepathic episodes, OOBEs, ghost encounters, and so on), seen the little beings I suppose we'll call aliens when I was a kid, and at least two episodes of missing time. So one can see how following this intriguing path has come about. Don't know how I'll go about this exactly, what process I'll use. For one thing, I really don't know what I'm doing. So for now, until I mull over things, including feedback from others, I'm taking the Gonzo random approach. Here's a goofy You Tube presentation on Rh negative blood and the alien-UFO connection. Despite the jerky and echoing voice over and the cheesy sci-fi music in the background, there's some good information in there. If nothing else, this video reminds me of some of the contactee stuff from the 1950s which is always fun. Very Space Brother Loves You... It's almost an hour long, so be warned.

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