Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nobody Cares What You Had For Lunch; Or, They're Listening From The Beyond

Yet, among friends who communicate with each other on line, some of us do care what we had for lunch. Trivial, sure, but really, when Lesley posts she had some wonderful chili dish, I am interested. I think "Sounds good, I'd like to have the recipe, and I'd love to be with her enjoying such a lovely sounding dish."  By the way, we had a home made version of a Yumm! bowl, and it was delicious!

I haven't been posting much here, or, anywhere really. For awhile now, I've been busy, sure, but more than that. Just...dried up. Not writer's block, per se, but something. I think I'm going through a massive shift, a real change in my psyche concerning creativity. More specifically: esoteric creativity.

Is there no there there? Feels like it, but I'm not completely convinced that's it. Maybe there's so much there, I'm stuck between the here, and the what's to come. Hmm...

Speaking of the esoteric, I had a random and startling a-ha realization the other day. I was thinking of my experiences: UFOs, aliens, missing time, oh you know, all of that, and wondering why it is those things have pretty much ceased. They have, yet, they haven't. Maybe there's a clue in there. Then I was thinking on the three separate episodes where "they" were listening in. I've written about this before: where "they" -- highly intelligent, evolved entities but decidedly  non-human- were invisible, yet very, very present, during discussions of our missing time and UFO sightings. A big, obvious "duh" moment, but I realized that there was a connection between those three "they're here... they're listening" encounters, and our missing time/orange orb encounter. Der. And. Duh.

Other than that, I have nothing. As I said, maybe this long dry spell (and in so many aspects of my life right now, not just this) is a good thing, a waiting period before the esoteric-paranormal-conspiratorial shit hits the creative fan.

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