Tuesday, April 17, 2012

UFO Magazine - UFO Magazine Blog - Emma Woods... 13Tapes...

From Alfred Lehmberg, at the UFO Magazine blog: UFO Magazine - UFO Magazine Blog - Emma Woods... 13 Tapes...
It's an Oral History of pertinate events, cast and characters, plus the incredible interactions of these characters by "Emma Woods," a research subject.

I've listened now three times... Around ten hours of her talking about yourself, and even FOR that, where one would predict that she would be whining, self-involved, self-interested, and self-promoting... ...it was none of those things. No, she maintained an almost apologetic tone throughout, qualified herself competently—would seem to have a solid audit trail—and gave all credit where she thought credit was due. She wanted to contribute to a record.

There were repetitions, but they seemed more meaningful than tedious... and no blind alleys... it made sense and was listenable... internally and externally sensible. Not a crazy lady... more a concerned citizen.

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