Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Robert Barrow: UFOs in a World Gone Crazy

Robert Barrow: UFOs in a World Gone Crazy:
How can there remain room for UFOs in a world gone nuts? Europe's economy teeters on the brink, and when/if a similarly unsurprising collapse happens here the U.S. will likely fall right into the same muck.
So who has time to care about UFOs today? Tomorrow?

Good question. For a good while now, I've been experiencing a very deep sense of ... who -the -hell-cares -what -the-fuck- does-it-matter-what-the-motherfucker-fuck -is-going-on?!

Oh all ye skeptoids don't get excited. I don't mean to suggest for one second that UFOs, strange experiences, spiritual religious esoteric encounters are meaningless, or trivial, or don't matter. Not at all.

I mean, things are extremely bad, fucked up, wrong, and shit. Shit shit shit. Have been for some time, and while I believe the space beings exist, I also believe they don't give a goddamn, and I never expected them to. So the answer to our problems here on earth are not to be found in the mother ship, but in ourselves. So get on that, will you? In the meantime, I'm going to... I don't know. Like Stella, I'm trying to get my groove back. Only it's not my sexual mojo I'm working on (which, thankfully, is just about the only thing that is working these days) but the high strangeness unexplained world of anomalous mysteries that would bedazzle and behold.

Until then, my Fortean explorers...


Terry the Censor said...

> Oh all ye skeptoids don't get excited.

No need to be defensive. I listen to the baseball game on the radio every evening. I don't think any serious person would claim this non-essential activity has caused a run on the Greek banks.

what does get me is when the conspiracy people engage current affairs with totally fictitious concerns. You would not believe how many Obama haters fail to engage any of his actual policies or actions. He's not been a very effective president, there's plenty to criticise. Yet the online kooks make him out to be this ultra-competent all-powerful fascist dictator who is days away from putting all Christians in prisons camps. They seem to be unaware that he can't even get his appointees confirmed!

muzuzuzus said...

Last night, I watched the news conference where Robert Hastings and others reported involvement of UFOs and their occupants with nuke bases, and Robert Hastings. for me. gives a most intelligent overview of what he thinks is going on. Some questioners had your perspective---that they really 'don't give a damn', but I am with Robert.
I mean for one, I personally, and I am aware of many other people who look at the prevailing controllers of this world, and their worldview as utterly insane. So much so it is easy for ME to feel literally alien when having to confront the utter insanity all around. it is not just 'our' insanity, in UK, America, Europe, but also Islamic world, Israel. ALL over. The only real intelligent people seem to be the indigenous peoples who have been right at the front line of oppression by the mindset we know only too well.

And let's not forget their military industrial complex business they want to keep going --creating invasions, wars, and using weaponry that is radioactive and is contaminating everywhere, making it uninhabitable for 100s and 100s of thousands of years, and damaging DNA.

So it is VERY serious. And I should imagine beings with a birds eye view can see it clearly, as a whole, and very much Do care.

Robert Hastings News Conference sorry about the biblical references in the video. nothin to do with me