Monday, June 11, 2012

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: A Touch of Darkness: Cemeteries and UFOs

While I'm still stuck in my current "there's nothing insightful helpful productive or new to say about all this ... esoteric stuff" mode, others are not in that gloomy rut. One of my favorite authors on the subject of UFOs and so much more is Scott Corrales. In this article Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: A Touch of Darkness: Cemeteries and UFOs, Corrales writes about an aspect of the phenomena not often explored: UFOs and the dead. The human dead.

One highly irritating trait within UFOlogy is the "let's stay positive" mantra. How can one call themselves researchers and seekers of truth if you begin your journey with the skewed view that only elements cheery and bright will be acknowledged? On this, Corrales begins his piece:
There is a dark side to the UFO phenomenon that has always been mentioned, but is seldom delved into. In an effort to “accentuate the positive” we overlook some of these grotesque aspects, mainly because they do not jibe with our concept of an advanced, benevolent, spacefaring, technological civilization – such as one that we may have read about in the books of Larry Niven or Hal Clement. This dark side is raw and primitive, evoking fears that go as far back as the caves, but taking place in our own troubled times. Some of these behaviors suggest – to the discomfiture of many – that the intelligence behind the UFO is far more earthbound than we know, and more closely related to Medieval lore than outer space.

A truly fascinating article with a lot to think about. As always, Corrales brings UFO history and research into this writing. And before anyone out there takes offense at the "negativity" of such ideas, remember, they are ideas. Thoughts, theories, "what ifs" and speculations. Without those, we'll get nowhere. Just like ignoring the so-called darker sides of UFO activity will keep us stuck in a loop of naivete.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Regan,

I just read the full article by Scott Corrales that you linked to at his blog. Good stuff, though morbid.

In the U.S. most people that die have been embalmed or cremated - so the concept of bringing them back or reanimating them is hard for me to grasp. But then there is the N.T. proclamation that "the trumpets shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptable" (so the idea isn't that unheard of). Who knows what these other intelligences can perform? Surely more than we humans are able to do.

I've wondered if there is an interest in the human soul/spirit by the intelligences behind UFOs. But do human souls hang around cemetaries? I don't know - maybe for a time and then move on or maybe time doesn't exist for souls.

I think it was in either Keel's UFOs:Operation Trojan Horse or The Mothman Prophecies, that he noted reports of UFOs over cemetaries (but also over schools and apartment complexes). When I first read of that, I thought how odd. But when I read more reports of this sort as well as some experiencers having encounters with humans that seem as if they're dead yet reanimated or are known to be dead (but seem alive) well....high strangeness to the max!

~ Susan