Thursday, August 2, 2012

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From the Alien Abduction Blog: This is good. And no doubt some items that will be controversial for some of us, and some we'll disagree with. But it's worth reading and thinking about. Kay's Blog, Alien Abduction Blog, BetweenTwoLiesBlog, It Doesn't Happen


Terry the Censor said...

It just reads like a desperate smear of Jack Brewer, with more innuendo than facts.

Shrill is tolerable if it's backed by something verifiable. But...

Regan Lee said...

A lot there, not just the opinions re: Haley and Brewer. I have a lot of respect for Brewer and disagree with the blogger on that. But it's still interesting. My take on all this, at least for now, is...

I disagree because, for one thing, it's all opinion. That's a hard one for abductees/experiencers/what have you to get. But just because one's experience is A, doesn't mean another's is also A. It might be B, C, or X?YZ for them. Or something completely different -- a whole other alphabet.

Doesn't mean it isn't true or real.But we're all entitled to our own opinions and our own ways of getting at things.

If some think, like Haley suggests, and I also tend to believe, that some alien abductions are human manipulations, well, that's one opinion. NO I don't have proof of that, but I still get to have an opinion. I don't know if that's so -- human created abductions -- but it's very possible. As I've said many times, it's also possible both human and alien are involved, any number of scenarios are possible.

As someone who's had a lifetime of sightings, including more than one episode of missing time, I "get to" try to figure out what the hell happened. If I want to say I think it's humans behind it, then I'll say it. That opinion really pisses some people off but oh well.

But I don't KNOW. I have no idea what's going on. I have a lot of opinions and a lot of speculations and even a theory or two based on years of study and interactions with others.

Terry the Censor said...

> NO I don't have proof of that, but I still get to have an opinion.

You make an important but often overlooked distinction: the difference between facts and opinions. In the absence of facts, all we have are opinions. But some folks don't make your distinction. They think, even in the absence of facts, that they know -- that they possess not opinion but truth.

Funny that people who possess "the truth" tend not to possess modesty! This applies to people on both sides of the argument, it seems.

Anonymous said...

Good for Kay (and Elsie) on this issue!

During two recent blog entries by Jack Brewer, on his blog The UFO Trail, I posted two comments which included this question. Jack never published my comments (which is a blogger's perogative, if they have their commentators set to 'moderated', but I'd thought the moderation option was usually used for spamming and vulgar language).

Here is the 2nd comment I sent, dated 08/01/12, which was not published on The UFO Trail, only glowing commentary supporting Jack Brewer. -

[How about accountablity first.

Ask Leah Haley, who you devoted a multi-series of blog essays to when interviewing her - to publically disavow all of her alien abduction books that she still makes money off of - particularly CETO - which, as far as I'm concerned, is child abuse.

Haley claimed ,in the interview with you which you published here in your blog, to have THE answer regarding what 'alien abductions' are.

**"Commenting on literal alien abduction from her home in Pensacola, Florida, Haley stated, 'It doesn't happen.' "

There are curious bystanders, including me, waiting for Haley to be accountable and disavow her ETH alien abduction book selling, which is something you curiously didn't ask her about. Try accountability first and make that follow up question. Better late than never. Critical thinking will then follow easily.

~ Susan]

Since Jack's 9-Part Leah Haley series of a year ago (when I knew nearly nothing about Leah Haley), I'd been reading bits and pieces here and there of more info about her, with The Alien Jigsaw offering information and counterpoints I wasn't aware of. Aside from the obvious - Haley's claim to know the answer to 'alien abductions' - that there are none,....There is the deeply troubling continued selling of her ETH alien abduction books - particularly CETO, the gray alien who abducts little children and the children are suppose to accept this. I consider a book such as that a form of child abuse (whether alien abduction is real or not). And since Haley claims to now know the answer (there are no alien abductions according to her, instead govt. mind control - which fits into Brewer's ideas), she should do what is ethical and disavow her books. Yet she continues to sell them and make money off of people with her past beliefs she'd left at the curb long ago.

Jack Brewer continues to publically praise Haley, expressing his deep admiration for her. He had the opportunity to ask her the obvious question about her books but he chose not to. He still has that opportunity to take accountability and ask her, as a follow up question - Leah, when are you going to disavow your ETH alien abduction books and stop making money off of an idea you now debunk (because you now believe in a govt. mind control hypothesis)? Only Jack can answer why he refuses to do this and why he refuses to have public discourse on the subject when he still brings Haley up.

Wolves (debunkers) in Sheeps (skeptics) clothing can be difficult to detect, particularly when they've been hiding in plain sight for some time and people of good will often choose to see only the best in others in this very complex topic of ufology.

And, as an aside, I've also appreciated what The Alien Jigsaw has published regarding Jeremy Vaeni and Carol Rainy. For sometime I'd only heard/read one side of that very complicated story. The path of ufology is a difficult one for all of us to navigate and often we can get the most illuminating glimpses of personal agendas by seeing published emails [actual screen shots] that reveal bullying, mean-spirited, paranoid threats, imo.

~ Susan