Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mike Bara, Debunkers

Very much enjoyed last night's Coast to Coast interview with author of Ancient Aliens on the Moon, blogger, and Moon/Mars artifact investigator. I managed to stay awake for the whole interview for once, since I've had a few sleepless nights due to some Fall cold-crud keeping me awake. Naturally, I particularly appreciated Bara's telling it like it is with the debunkers and so-called "skeptics." One who even -- as I saw him running to the phone and dialing in my mind's eye as soon as Bara mentioned him by name -- managed to call in. And, in typical debunker faux skeptic mode, danced around the question -- the same question he put to Bara -- refusing to answer. What annoyed me about Noory, as is his style, was his insistence that, paraphrasing here, "we all have the right to our opinions." Yes well, that's a given, let's move on and deal with the real issue. And stop pandering and appeasing to these little debunker drones who persist in distracting from actually investigating and researching the UFO phenomena.

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