Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Basket/Bathtub UFO Dream

A recurring dream I had as a young child. Timeframe 1959, early 1960s. Los Angeles, California.  I had lots of dreams connected to alien, non-human beings, which included being floated out through walls and doors and placed in a large tree at night. There I'd sit/wait/watch the starry night sky...

One recurring dream motif I remember has me standing outside, at night, on our block. Usually at the corner (near that large tree, that was easily three or four stories tall) which was at the corner. The tree belonged to our neighbor; we were the second house down from the corner. Waiting, outside, at night, sometimes I was with others, usually children. And up in the sky, not much higher than that tree, came the "ship." Sometimes it was a giant basket, like the ones seen with hot air balloons. But no giant balloon; just the basket and something above that, like a dome thing, some kind of machine. Other times, instead of a basket, it was an over sized bathtub. Inside the baskets, or bathtubs, were one or two people, adults, in uniforms.

I had this dream many times. Always the same: at night, alone or sometimes with others, mainly children, in front of, or near, our house. Waiting. Waiting for what I thought of as my friends -- these people in uniforms, in their floating bathtubs or baskets, were always pleased to see us. They took us away on purpose. This was a regular thing.

What that purpose was, I have no idea. That I don't remember. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that, Regan! I can relate - late 1950s/early pop culture references that could bleed into a very young child's mind then, as far as I know.

I recently turned 59 and am probably a couple of years older than you. I had similar, repetitive dreams from that early age (about 4 through 7). In one, little friends that wouldn't let me see them completely, would let me grab at tree branches as we'd fly in the night sky over the neighborhood. Sometimes I'd wake in the morning with pitch-pine sticky on my hands which I'd also get on my bed. [We had no pine trees in our yard].

~ Susan

Regan Lee said...

Brownie, that is very interesting, including the part about your "little friends" who wouldn't let you see them, at least not completely. I've had the same experience with my "friends" who I knew were small, thin, and I can almost see them; kind of. But I can't. No memory of seeing them fully. I often refer to them as my "invisible aliens." I know they're present, but cannot visually see them. BTW, I'm 58, born in '54.