Friday, October 12, 2012

Glowing Eyed Annunaki

 Marshall Klarfeld: The Anunnaki Were Here
Our subconscious does strange things when you're sick, on pain meds, and listen to Coast to Coast in the dark.

Last night's guest on C2C was Marshall Klarfeld author of The Anunnaki Were Here!  A fascinating interview. (I bought the Kindle version of the book this morning.) Klarfeld's take on things alien expands the theories of Zecharia Sitchin. Klarfeld's research shows that there are ancient structures all over the planet that have to do with gold mining, which is, "as Ancient Alien Theorists contend" the reason for the Annunaki presence on our planet. Here's a blurb on the book from his site:
THE ANUNNAKI WERE HERE, Marshall's new book contains over 95 color pictures introducing his new theory of "washboard gold mining" by the Anunnaki. This book may rank as one of the 10 Most Important Archaeological Finds of the 21st Century.
I liked Marshall Klarfeld's approach; open to other, concurrent theories as well, it seems pretty straightforward the Anunnaki were once here, given all the evidence. As he put it, the pieces of the puzzle just fit, in giving support for the idea that the Anunnaki were (and still are) present on the earth.

Glowing Eyed Annunaki
So in my drugged state, while listening to the program, I had the following dream:

Jim and I are in Egypt. It's night, and we're a bit lost. We find ourselves on a large path, like a promenade, by the sea. (A recurring dream symbol for me.) We have to make it to our plane, or some kind of transportation to leave the next day, but in the meantime, we have to find a place to hang out for the night. We're a little worried about having all our papers, and making it to where we have to be the next day in time.

Not many people around here at night. Just the reflections of distant lights onto he dark water. We pass by the back of a large building, like a hotel, but there's no name or anything to tell us what the building is. We assume it's a free, hostel kind of place. There's a large sliding glass door that's unlocked, we go in. A few bean bag chairs, a cot like bed, comfy and clean but sparse. We go in and rest. I find a copy of a UFO book written in the 1940s about ancient astronauts. I am tickled to find a UFO book to take with me; I assume it's for the taking, as many motels have a book exchange. Inside the book there are several passages circled and underlined. 
Anubis, god of the underworld

Then we begin to see the Annunaki walking around, outside. They're peering inside our room, they're walking all around. It's a bit scary. They're tall and thin, and have glowing eyes, with no pupils. Their eyes are glowing a light blue. We start to run out of there, grab a few things, then I realize this is actually someone's apartment, and not an open room for weary travelers. There's a large messenger bag that obviously belongs to someone, and a duffel bag. Someone else is traveling along this way. We're trespassing and stealing, but at this point, I don't care. Our safety is the only thing I'm concerned about.

As we're running from the Annunaki , even though they're not a direct threat, not yet anyway, we pass by a few Anubis. They also have glowing eyes, with no pupils. Their eyes emit a brilliant white light. 
Another eye: Eye of Horus
There's the impression that these beings are alive and well and everyone knows about them. They only come out at night, and that's why everyone is inside. They're not a direct threat, not exactly, but it's not something you want to be around if you can help it. 

Deviant Moon Tarot, Patrick Velenza, artist

 Page of Swords and the Bull
A bit unrelated but the first thing that came into my mind when I woke up was this card from the Deviant Moon Tarot deck. This deck has become one of my favorites, and this card has always been a card that draws me. The page is dressed in royal colors and finery, and keeps his lighted, glowing eye on ...? The sword, which cuts through spirit and emotions, getting to the knowledge? Or looking ahead, sword poised, at the ready? The page is youth; eager, wandering, seeking. Traditional meaning for this card includes: energy, passion (that youth), journeys, beginnings, news. Often times a stormy beginning or energy afoot. Often assigned the sign of Taurus -- the bull. Which brings us to the Egyptian Apis bull, representing regeneration.

Egyptian Apis, believed to be public domain image

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