Sunday, March 31, 2013

What is it? Object in Oregon Coast Sky

Photo: Regan Lee, winter, Yachats, OR (coast ) 2012
The above image came out pixalated like this; except it was more of a black dot. Immediately became pixalated when I tried to get a closer look by zooming in.  I took it with a funky digital camera; a cheapo I bought on sale a few years ago at Radio Shack.

When I took the picture, I was just randomly taking shots of the sky. A few birds up there, but that was it. I didn't see anything unusual in the sky at all; no UFOs, oddly shaped planes or craft, etc. (And I'm always hoping, of course!)

Got home, uploading the images. And this pixalated thing showed up. I've tried to get a clearer image; changing size, color, ratio, and so on but nothing. And I'm no camera expert, by any means.

So if anyone has any idea what this is -- and my mind is going towards a cloaked craft of some kind, although, don't get excited, it's likely a government monitoring device -- I welcome your opinions.

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