Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A very interesting Interview with William Bramley | Ancient Origins

I bought Bramley's book years ago. I was in an airport, waiting for a flight, wandered into the little gift shop there, and his paperback was on the rack. This was many years ago, just as I was beginning to explore All That Is UFO. I didn't know anything about the book or the author. But I loved the book, and have reread it a couple of times since then.  I find myself agreeing with just about all he has to say about the history of ET intervention -- or is interference a more appropriate word?

We're lucky to have a current interview with Bramley, where he discusses the purpose of aliens. Not an encouraging picture of things to come concerning ET:
A very interesting Interview with William Bramley | Ancient Origins: When you look at UFO abduction reports, you see that humans are treated a lot like livestock. Humans are abducted against their will, they are immobilized, and they have physical procedures performed on them that are often reproductive in nature. The humans are not necessarily treated cruelly, but neither are they treated with the dignity of equals.

To control a large population, you can't build a large pen around it like you can around a herd of cattle. At least two famous thinkers--Machiavelli and Sun Tzu -- spelled out what you do instead. You get the population to endlessly squabble and fight amongst themselves. The theory of my book is simply that this technique may have been applied to the human race as a whole. If the theory is true, I don't think that the ETs necessarily consider themselves sinister. Such a method of controlling the human population would simply be a necessary management technique in their minds.
The above quoted passage is perhaps cynical. The problem with pulling a quote from an article or piece of prose is that you've left the rest out. Which to choose to highlight? But I found these words from Bramley connecting the dots of what's happening globally right now to be accurate in terms of the larger ET picture:
In today's society, we are seeing a gradual consolidation of the human food supply into ever fewer hands as the result of corporate farming, seed patents, and the loss of bees and other pollinators what will cause us to become more dependent on grains which are becoming increasingly monopolized through seed patents. If these trends continue, a time will be reached when it will be possible to abruptly pull the plug on a very large portion of the global food supply and cause a relentless worldwide famine. At the same time, some governments continue to stockpile biological weapons that those governments can probably be induced to release during a time of dire stress.  Religious radicalism is being kept alive, and in the event that the food supply is massively cut and a pandemic starts, we can expect to see religious radicals of all persuasions induce people to commit slaughters of the non-believers who will be blamed for the catastrophe just like the Christians did to the Jews during the Black Death.  If the pattern holds, then somewhere in this entire process we can expect to see a much more visible manifestation of UFOs as they eradicate the surviving humans.  
Dismal. But, while I share Bramley's views, there is much more to this dystopian alien take-over scenario.   Some might call it "God" -- Christians, for example -- I don't buy into that paradigm. But I do think sheer human consciousness raising as well as angelic and spirit intercession can transcend this potential future, as well as other ET forms who might alter events.

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Rick Phillips said...

At best the references are to what I call `qualitative aliens' - who, IMO, have NO chance at all of overtaking the objective world.