Sunday, April 21, 2013

Recent UFO Sightings in Oregon (From 2012)

A MUFON report of a UFO sighting in Eugene from September 2012. Interesting to me because the location of the sighting is less than 2 miles from where I live, and, the description of the UFO "...trying to imitate a chameleon..." is very interesting, reminding me of another Eugene sighting where the object seemed to disappear but was still visible when the tape was slowed down -- object darkened in color trying to blend into the sky. Also, the witness reports the UFO as having flames, which is confusing to witness if the UFO was trying to camouflage itself. Which brought to mind my recent blog post for UFO Mystic about emitted beams of light from some UFOs.
Recent UFO Sightings in Oregon | Strange: The ship was changing it’s colors from dark blues to black. It was trying to imitate a chameleon, but I’m not sure why the ship was fine with such a noticeable exhaust.
The rest of the report at link. Scroll down a bit until you reach "Recent Sightings in Oregon."

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HeyJude1965 said...

Anyone know who the witness to this sighting is? Please email me if YOU have had a sighting within a100 miles of Eugene. I am doing an investigation into recent sightings. My email is