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UK schools still using staged UFO crashes in curriculum |

An eerie bit of synchronicity; I was just discussing these types of staged scenarios in UK schools, including the UFO themed ones, to a like minded co-worker two days ago. (Like minded co-worker was quite astutely discussing the possibility of the Boston marathon bombings as not not being quite the picture presented to us by the mainstream media.) I've been writing about these fake events in the UK and the United States for awhile now. And here we have a report of the most recent staged disaster:
UK schools still using staged UFO crashes in curriculum | Kids at the Berrow Church of England Primary School in England’s Somerset county recently investigated wreckage from a crashed alien spacecraft. Police Community Support Officers from the Avon and Somerset Constabulary were present to tape off the scene of this staged crash that served as a creative writing assignment for the school’s year two students (generally ages six and seven). According to the Weston & Somerset Mercury, a letter from extraterrestrial visitors was “found” at this crash site, asking if the local village is a good place for an extraterrestrial landing. After investigating the crash, the students were tasked with writing response letters to the extraterrestrials.

This recent instance of a UFO crash being incorporated into a school’s curriculum is just one of many that have taken place at UK schools in recent years.

In all of these staged events in the UK, be they UFO scenarios or other events, the reason given is often the "creative thinking" explanation. In other cases, fostering "critical thinking skills" is the reason. Also, in many of the staged events, the local police are actively involved. As I've asked in previous blog posts concerning these fake scenes, what are the police doing with tax payer monies, not to mention wasting the public's time by play acting in schools?

Another common factor in these staged scenes is violence. In one case in the UK, a teacher was "killed" in front of students and staff.  Other cases: the start of WW III, with sirens and bombing effects while students hid in the school basement, and mangled alien claws, or hands, at the site of a crashed flying saucer.

And, also in many of these cases, parents are not informed of these staged scenarios.

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