Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bears, and no UFOs

Speaking of dreams (see post below) the night before last I had a dream about bears:
Jim and I are in our house on the coast,(we don't really have a house on the coast, however, I do wish!)  right on the sand, the ocean is only a few yards away. The entire front of the house in one window, a great view. It is early evening, Jim steps outside to look at sky. I'm watching him through the window. Next to Jim is a large wooden structure; a jumble of driftwood that, in some places, is about seven feet high. It's open and airy, like a little house almost. I see what I first think is a rowboat, turned upside down, but then realize it's a brown bear, hunched over. I become very nervous, not wanting Jim to get hurt. I don't know what to do. I see Jim walk over to the boardwalk, and the bear, and now a couple of others, come out and start to growl and snuffle at Jim, standing up on their back legs. But Jim just looks at them, a sort of "Really? You're going to try that?" and mocks them, rearing up on his feet and growling back at them, lunging at them. The bears turn and run away. 

The next morning, I saw this in our local paper: Bear Spotted in West Eugene.
Several people — including at least one Eugene police officer — reported seeing a black bear move through west Eugene early Friday morning, law enforcement officials said.
The first sighting was reported shortly before 2 a.m. outside Launa Holland’s home in the 700 block of North Bertelsen Road, off Royal Avenue.
“My mom got me out of bed and told me she’d heard something growling and snorting outside,” Holland said. “The next thing we knew, there were police all over the place. We went out, and (officers) told us they’d seen a bear. (Register Guard.)
Poor bear, really lost. The article goes on to say that the bear was later seen at the Northwest Expressway, which is even further down from the wooded areas. 

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Lesley Gunter said...

I often have dreams of bears. A few years ago I seemed to be having one every week. Always friendly bears - I have no idea what it means. :-)