Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dream: UFO on Truck, I'm a Boy

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The general oddness of the subconscious mind. Here we go:
I'm eleven or twelve, and a boy. It's a different decade, maybe late nineteen fifties, early sixties. I ditch school because somehow, I know a huge truck carrying a retrieved flying saucer is going to be coming down the alley behind my house. I don't know how I know this. I just do. I also know no one else in town knows about this.

Hanging around the narrow alley, and finally, hear the rumble of the truck. This truck is very long, and everything, from cab to bed to the three flat, oval cylinders on the bed, are steel, or chrome colored. Sticking up from the middle oval is a huge round thing. Sort of like a Ferris wheel. This "wheel" is the flying saucer.

The truck is driving down the alley to avoid taking the streets where it might be seen. Yet, no effort is made to completely hide the UFO. In fact, it's a sort of "in your face" act -- any questions about this strange object, and we're told it is a Ferris wheel. Of course, it isn't, and most of us know that, including me. 

The truck barely fits into the alley. I have to flatten myself against the backs of houses and fences, and there's only about a foot between me and this fast moving truck. As it turns -- there's a curve towards the end of the alley -- the truck's back end, the third section, starts to swing out and almost crushes me. I don't care, I want to get as close as I can to this thing. I want to touch it. I figure if I have to, I can just dive down onto the ground and roll under the truck bed.

Afterwards, I get caught by the school, and the principal, a male, who is extremely authoritarian, is furious with me for skipping school. He tells me there's no point in my lying because he has me on camera, waiting and watching in the alley. Turns out this man has put up surveillance cameras all over the town and has been watching everyone for years.
As dreams do, there's more, but not sure if the rest is part of the above dream, or different dreams. Part of what came later had to do with school and a principal, but unrelated to UFOs. Interesting about the time period, and the gender change! The only thing I can relate this to is that I am  preparing a presentation to a class of sixth graders about folklore in the context of "unexplained" stories, including UFO tales, (Trent photos, McMinnville, etc.) as well as Bigfoot.

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