Friday, May 17, 2013

McMinnville UFO Fest: Checked In

We're here, staying at the Motel 6. Heard mixed reviews about this place so was hesitant, but other places were booked, and there's also our budget to consider. But for the price it's okay. No breakfast or pool or in room coffee (though they say there's free coffee, where I don't know.) But the room is all right, good TV (ha, watching Ghost Adventures right now) comfy beds, microwave, fridge. Can't complain. Off to an early Chinese dinner then to hear Nick Pope, who opens the UFO Fest at 7:00 pm. Tomorrow's speakers: Linda Moultan Howe, George Knapp, Jim Sparks. Busy day!

I didn't like the way the UFO Fest changed their ticket process. Had to order them via phone then print them out. Feels kind of cheesy. I hope you can exchange the printouts for a pass thing at the door. UFO Fest also redesigned their website, not sure why, and please, UFO Fest people, offer a woman's style UFO t-shirt!

Visit the UFO Fest site for information on the McMinnville UFO Festival.

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