Friday, May 17, 2013

Nick Pope and T-shirts

Nick Pope was tonight's speaker. Very good! I realized halfway in he wasn't using any slides, film, etc. just him, talking. Pope is a funny and good speaker. I'll write more on what he had to say; right now I'm very tired. I did wait in line during the Q and A -- I was going to ask him what his thoughts were on Jim Penniston's (I believe it was Penniston) downloading of binary code. Very curious about that. But I could tell that there was at least a half hour wait before I'd get to ask my question, and we were both very tired and very very hungry. Blood sugar was dropping fast. I literally felt like I was going to faint. So left during the Q and A and grabbed fast food near the motel.

Yea! They do have woman style t-shirts! I bought myself one of course. Sad they didn't have the neat raspberry color t, but I like the one I got -- a smoky black kind of purple. Love their design this year.

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