Saturday, June 22, 2013

'Goblin allegedly burns owner’s privates'

Goblins passed on intergenerationally. Didn't know that! (thanks to The Anomalist for link.)

Goblin allegedly burns owner’s privates — Nehanda Radio: At that time the kombi was filling with smoke. He jumped out of the kombi complaining about fire in his privates. He then CONFESSED that it was a goblin that was tormenting him.

He revealed that he inherited the goblin from his grandparents to boost his yield at the farm.

“I noticed smoke coming out of his trousers and everyone else wondered what was going on and begged the driver to stop. He then threw the ‘goblin’ out of the window before the kombi stopped,” said one of the passengers.

“He confessed that his grandmother left the goblin for him and he uses it in farming but it has been tormenting him for some time. He appealed for help over the issue.

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