Friday, June 21, 2013

Synchronicities: Local Mini-disasters

   Talking our walk this morning and walking by the industrial laundry building. We heard a very loud alarm type sound, like a car alarm. Except it was unduly loud, much too loud for a car alarm. People came walking briskly out of the building -- an industry laundry service -- and we realized it was a fire drill. Except, probably not a drill, since in the twenty years we've lived here, we've never once heard any such alarm. If the place had regular drills, we would have heard their alarms. (We live only a block away.) As far as we know, no fire trucks arrived -- we didn't see or hear any. So maybe it was a drill.
     This evening, we heard sirens close by and smelled smoke. The building across from the laundry service had a fire. That one made the local news.
      Another odd synchronicity: this morning on Facebook, someone posted a link to a store in the University area. I wasn't familiar with the store. I mentioned it to Jim, we were figuring out where it was exactly (parking is a bitch down there) and he said he wasn't familiar with the place. This evening, again making the local news, a report that a car drove into the place. 
     None of this has to do with UFOs or the paranormal, but this does have to do with synchronicity; those moments that seem, often, trivial yet the very fact of them reminds us it's a Down the Rabbit Hole World indeed.

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