Sunday, June 30, 2013


Tina Sena on a recent experience, possibly UFO/alien related:
 Sometime in the night I thought I heard bees.
It was a loud droning sound that went passed my window. I live on the third floor and for some weird reason my mind processed the sound so that it was familiar. Bees. Giant bees. These 'bees' went by and were gone. I rolled over and went back to sleep.

I like Tina's post for several reasons, one being, the sheer strangeness of this episode and yet, for all its off the wall aspects, so damn familiar at the same time. (One strange experience I had when a kid involved a "giant bee" and I always equated this with the UFO/alien phenomena.) The bed shaking and droning sounds also remind me of the physical sensations when astral projecting -- leaving the body. And we as we all know, UFO boys and girls, many a UFO encounter happens in on this physical/non-physical plane. (One example: abductee Jim Sparks speaks of being "pulled" while in bed -- no, stop with the jokes please -- we mean entities literally taking him from his self.)

Tina mentions reciting the Lord's prayer to keep the non-human entities at bay. Something I've rarely spoken about publicly is the invocation of Christian prayer, because I am not a Christian, and even anti-Christian. But when fear kicks in along with confusion, it's easy to fall back into that primitive defense mode: what I know, from childhood, is the childhood Catholic school dogma that's at the ready. To my surprise, this seems to keep these beings from getting closer. But so does the use of white light and crystals, which have also worked for me.

As Tina herself writes, who knows what her experience was, really. But it's very interesting and as always, I am struck by the juxtaposition of seeming unique, bizarre encounters with shared experiences of others.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Regan,

The prayer you've relied on - is it the Roman Catholic St. Michael's prayer?

As for bees, oh yes, I've gotten that insect/hive behavior impression. The sounds for me can vary from jingling bells to a washing machine off kilter to buzzing.

Hope you have a pleasant 4th!

~ Susan