Monday, July 1, 2013

Dustin W. Naef: UNEXPLAINED DISAPPEARANCES IN MOUNT SHASTA (Updated April, 2013) | Dustin W. Naef

I'm reading David Paulides Missing 411 North America and Beyond. I haven't yet read his first two books but am looking forward to reading those as well. In an interview on Coast to Coast awhile back something Paulides said about his research had me speculating about possible Bigfoot as not "just a big ape" but something more --- paranormal, for sure, fairy, shapeshifter, alien, call it what you like.  In reading 411 Missing North America, and after reading this intriguing article by Naef about extreme high strangeness surrounding disappearances, it seems something other worldly is behind these disappearances:UNEXPLAINED DISAPPEARANCES IN MOUNT SHASTA (Updated April, 2013) | Dustin W. Naef

In the above cited article, as well as brief references by Paulides in his book, it seems that something appears, at times, as an animal during disappears. A wolf, a bear, a Bigfoot type creature. In some UFO encounters and abduction/alien stories animals are sometimes reported as present. A deer or some kind of animal appears, usually eerily silent, large eyes, sometimes glowing, almost hypnotizing the person, and or leading the witness away from the known and into the unfamiliar. 

Whatever the phenomenon is behind these disappearances, it is seems to me it is obvious it is something non-human. Whether or not it is extra-terrestrial or something earth bound but of non-human origin, we don't know. But after reading not only Paulides but related material it is difficult to see how one can come away from all this believing these disappearances are, while often times tragic, simply of the everyday.

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