Monday, September 2, 2013

Alice, Dogs Again, and UFO Maze

Had a dream last night where the point of view shifted constantly; from me watching the movie on TV up close, to becoming a part of it, including the main character, Alice.

The movie was a sequel to Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. This Alice version was the third story written by Lewis Carroll. I forget what the title was, but it had something to do with a rabbit hole. The movie was made in the late 1940s, starring all kinds of famous stars, Elizabeth Taylor among them. Part of the dream -- part of the movie in the dream -- was animated. Stop action type, not cartoon animated. Parts were in color, parts in black and white. I wonder why very few people know about this third story and this movie. Of the three, and all the Alice movies made, this is the best. But also the most esoteric.

I talk to giant eggs, like Humpty Dumpty who are resting on beds, animals, creatures, you name it.  We arrive at a the rabbit hole, and I'm told by Alice (sometimes I'm Alice, sometimes I'm with Alice...) that "this is the real thing here, the real rabbit hole. Serious stuff, this. Here we go..." and down we go. It is understood there is no coming back from this. Which feels okay; it's a choice we made and exciting even if a bit scary. 

Then I'm in a bookstore pub kind of place. I am delighted to find racks and racks of UFO material; little pamphlets and out of print paperbacks and articles in unexpected books, all kinds of things. I think they're free, not sure why, and start loading up my arms with these treasures. Some are so old they're falling about. As I walk through this narrow dusty and dim maze of book racks, someone stops me. They tell me I have to pay for these things. I explain there isn't any price on any of them, or signs posted anywhere, and ask her if she even knew they were there. If she hadn't seen me come out, she wouldn't have noticed the books at all. She shrugs and I leave with my material.

As I'm walking through I see a woman with a dog. Pretty dog, something is wrong with him, not serious, but he's ill. The dog is on a wheeled platform, with lights and the sides are caged, not to keep the dog in but to protect him from falling off. A beautiful Irish Setter comes up, this dog is amazingly beautiful! He has the softest fur like silk, and the color is incredible. A magnificent reddish brown, with deep gold highlights. He just comes right up to me, standing there before me. It's clear he was sent to me to be my dog. His standing there next to the other dog is intentional, the Irish Setter was sent, in part, to heal the dog. But that's a bonus, the main reason this Irish Setter was sent here was to be my dog. I am very happy about this and grateful for this gift, but I didnt' ask for it and it's clear that I have nothing to do with it. I have to accept the dog, he will simply follow me if I reject him, -- which I wouldn't do -- it is beyond my control.

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