Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jeremy Vaeni's new novel: ‘Into The End’

 Jeremy Vaeni has just published a novel, here's an excerpt from his excerpt at his blog. I like it! Will download to my Kindle, and you can too -- find out how by following the link to his place:

‘Into The End’ Launches Right Now! | JayVay: The tree house lay secluded behind an abandoned mansion on a gated estate that had its own haunted lore. No one went near it except these boys. Not to break in. Not to throw rocks at the windows. Not on a dare. Not for anything.

It earned the nickname Spooky Mansion by the shear creepiness of its existence. Townsfolk referred to it this way if they referred to it at all. In truth, barely anyone in Taunton thought about it let alone talked about it. Even the boys only mentioned it by way of territorial marker. Let’s meet up at Spooky Mansion, they’d say. It was interchangeable with tree house.

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