Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Monkey Synchronicity

Night before last, I dreamt:

Walking, in daytime, amid one of my many dreamscapes. This one being a fairly residential neighborhood, lower middle class, houses are high up off the pavement, on hills of lawns contained with concrete retaining walls. I'm trying to find a particular house, somehow I know that there's a lot going on there that's illegal, as well as immoral and just bad. I find the place, on the corner, and go up and inside. It's a large house, with lots of people. Many live there, others are visiting. I see a lot of people crowded around some kind of enclosure (this is outside) and my heart sinks. I just know this is bad. I get closer, and there are two beautiful gorillas on their backs. One is dead, the other is badly hurt. Three or four little monkeys, like Rhesus monkeys, are responsible for this. They've been trained to attack and kill -- like fighting roosters or pitbulls. I am so damn sad! But I realise it's not the monkey's fault. I grab one and run away with him. The further away we get, the more aware he becomes, he feel so bad about what he's done. I let him know it's not his fault, and he shouldn't feel guilty, and I love him. I plan to go back to rescue the other gorilla, but for now, I just have to take this monkey to safety.

The next day there were three synchronicities: the line "I am the monkey" on a sit com I was watching, this item in the morning paper about a "non-sociable" gorilla, and children singing a song about monkeys in school. And tonight, a commercial I hadn't seen before where a monkey is eating candy, or who knows what, in a jail cell. I think, it was a commercial and I wasn't paying much attention.

Synchroniciites are always interesting and nudges from one realm to this. And then there is the Rh negative connection between aliens, UFOs, and Rhesus monkeys to add to the synchronicitous funhouse.

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