Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Strange Goings On the Air: Feschino, Lehmberg

Frank Feschino and Alfred Lehmberg were to be guests on radio hosts' Kate Valentine's UFO Show to discuss the Braxton "monster" UFO case and the updated edition of Feschino's book. Strange things began to happen, as Alfred reports on our blog The UFO Proletariat:
Frank explains, "As with any live program, the studio will call me at home a couple minutes before the show to make sure the connection is alright. They usually go over things like checking voice levels, commercial break times... ...stuff like that." 


Frank then relayed what happened just before the show aired last Friday.  

"Well, it was about 12:50—or about 10 minutes before the program was to go on and my phone rang.  I thought it was the studio calling but when I looked at my clock it seemed a little too early.  I picked up the phone and said 'hello' but there was nobody there, just dead silence Alfred, nothing!"  Oddly, and unbeknownst to Frank, I have to report that the same thing happened to me at the same time!  My phone rang and I answered to hissing dead air.
that is only the beginning, strange things continued to happen, and, as Lehmberg comments, this kind of thing is, unfortunately (but maybe not unexpectedly) not uncommon when it comes to broadcasts of UFO topics.

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