Friday, October 4, 2013

Another Faked UFO Landing in UK School

Many thanks to Mike Clelland for this link; much appreciated.

So, here's another in a long line of faked UFO events in UK schools. The crashed or landed UFO scenario seems to be the favorite faux event by educators, but other scenarios have been used as well, including the start of WWIII, complete with the sounds of bombs bombing, sirens blaring, and frightened children hustled down into basements to wait out the threat of being invaded. There was also the "murder" of a teacher on the playground, witnessed by staff and students.

The usual reason for these events is given: to facilitate creative writing within students. Sometimes there are variations on the motives; sharpening critical thinking skills is another reason given in past scenarios.
Shock and awww... 'UFO crashes' into London primary school playground - News - The Independent: Pupils at a London primary school were shocked after a UFO appeared to have crashed into their playground.

An officer guarded the 'crash site; at North Harringay Primary School while an apparent forensics officer took samples behind a police cordon.

Only half the craft was visible after apparently smashing into the tarmac and children were allowed closer to inspect the UFO after samples had been collected.

However the UFO was not in fact a spaceship which had suffered a stall over the capital, but was part of an event designed to promote creative writing.

This recent event seems a bit more tame than some previous ones. Often in these kinds of faked crashes, landings, wars, murders and attacks, parents are not notified about the plan, and often times not the entire school staff is either.

These violent scenarios, while different in theme and degree, involved at least one of the following elements:

  • They are spontaneous, a surprise, unexpected, as far as students -- and often parents and staff -- are concerned
  • There is the threat of violence or outright violent actions
  • Local police are involved, taking part in the fake event as they pretend to investigate 
  • Reasons given for these faked events: encourage student's creativity, facilitate the imagination, sharpen critical thinking skills
These events are not limited to the UK; the U.S. has been active in staging violent scenes in schools, though not of the UFO kind, as far as I know. Other countries, incluidng Canada, have also particpated in these drills/faked scenes.

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