Saturday, October 5, 2013

McMenamins UFO Festival For May 2014: Thursday????

No speaker line-up announced yet, and it is still early, but the blurb on the UFO site does note that the UFO festival will begin on Thursday. Thursday?! A first, and inconvenient for those of us who work and have to hustle as it is on Fridays to get to that evenings speaker and events.  For myself, I have been fortunate enough to take a personal day from work on Fridays and drive out to McMinnville. Check into the motel, eat, and make it in time for the first speaker. If things are going to start off on Thursday, I doubt t I can make it. And it will no doubt hurt the UFO Fest in general. Maybe it's a misprint. We'll see. I'll email them and try to find out.  McMenamins UFO Festival | May 15-17, 2014

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