Thursday, October 31, 2013

Black Cats Tarot: The Devil

Did a reading last night on someone close to me; a lot of misunderstandings, anger, confusion, anxiety, mistrust and that's just for starters. A history of such in this situation going back decades. So I did a reading so find out why this person is behaving the way they are...

I used my new Black Cats tarot, designed by Marai Kurara and published through Lo Scarabeo.  I really like this deck! Something compelled me to purchase it, even though it was the only deck in the store that wasn't open -- I couldn't preview it. But that day, it was the only deck I was drawn to, and I walked back into the store after walking out without buying it, and bought it anyway. Something told me I had to have this deck!  The day I bought this deck I had been with this person for a few days in the situation that has continued to swirl around all of us, so using this deck seemed particularly apt.

As I was pulling the cards, with my eyes closed as I usually do, one card literally flew out of the deck. I mean this card just shot out. When that happens, you always put that card aside and incorporate it into the reading, for that card will be heard!

I laid out the cards, using my new layout (one I made up) and then picked up the card that flew out from the deck as I was pulling cards. This is the card that came up: XV Major Arcana, The Devil.

This was the first time I'd seen this card; even though I had gone through the deck I realized I somehow missed this one. I was immediately very taken by the imagery; how it fits the person I was concerned about! Unusual to have a female image for The Devil. There is also a witchy feel to the card, which I like.  Now, I don't consider this card as being tied to a  traditional and religious interpretation or context; you know, "the Devil, Saaaaytaaan!" But it does have to do with ego, selfishness, the overwhelming power of mis-applied passions and energy. (It also has to do with indulgences -- in this case, emotional indulgences -- but also materialism, addictions or self-abuses, and so on.)

From the Black Cats booklet:
XV - The Devil. The Arcanum symbolises the violence of passions. Our "demons" can blind us completely, making us fall into the abyss of selfishness. On the other hand, the strength of desire can illuminate facets of our psyche that we must be aware of.
In this case, the person concerned is consumed with their ego, misdirected negative energy and emotions that are overwhelming to both this individual as well as those around them. A lot of passion and intensity that is self-destructive; that passion has been turned inward, and upside down. Not productive or healing, but devouring.

The rest of the reading was equally powerful. Out of ten cards (eleven, counting The Devil) six were Major Arcana cards.

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