Thursday, November 7, 2013

Skeptiko: Mary Rodwell Advocates for Alien Contactees

Oh how I love what Rodwell has to say about personal experience and abduction events:Episode 228. Mary Rodwell Advocates for Alien Contactees | Skeptiko - Science at the Tipping Point:
Mary Rodwell: The truth is that all we’ve ever got within ourselves is our own resonance to truth, our own BS meter, if you like. Ultimately that is what we’re being asked to trust. We’ve got nothing else. We’re told huge amounts of information. Some of it is disinformation; some of it’s lies. What is it in us that resonates to truth?

Ultimately that’s the only thing we’ve got because actually nobody has the full mandate on truth. We’ve all got bits of it and we are fed all sorts of mixes of truth. So the only thing we’ve got in the end is ourselves as that instrument of choosing what our truth is. My role is to facilitate a place where they can find their truth in their experience. Nobody has a right to tell them what to believe around that other than what they choose to believe.

Listen to the podcast for more. Excellent.

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