Monday, October 7, 2013

"It's a UFO!" Black Daytime UFO

On the playground, boy of about ten running by me. As he runs, he points to the side, up in the sky, and shouts "It's a UFO!" and keeps running. I think to myself he's having fun and being goofy. But I turn and look up anyway. What the heck. Sure enough, I see a black ... something ... moving slowly through the sky. Hmmm.

The object appeared to be round, but not quite. Possibly I was observing the rear of the thing, and it was delta shaped. I sort of got that sense but honestly, can't say.

It was very dark; darker than the crows, which are always plentiful. In fact, thinking at first it must have been a bird, I quickly realized it was larger and darker than any crow. It was moving slowly and in one direction, a straight line,  away from me. (Roughly an easterly direction.) I watched it for about 60 seconds, then had to walk away to join the others. I looked back however; it was still there, moving slowly, steadily. About 10 seconds later or so I looked back again, but couldn't see it. I don't know if that means it was gone, or I just couldn't find it.

Not a balloon; the movements too purposeful, the object seemed solid. Certainly no living thing, like a bird.  No idea what it could have been.

Besides the odd sighting of this thing, whatever it was (and it very well could have a mundane operation -- a drone? monitoring device?) was the interesting response of the boy. Running by to line up, spotted the object as he was running, almost casually, with a sense of acceptance, "It's a UFO!" and on he goes.

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