Monday, October 7, 2013

Nick Redfern: Where are the UFOs?

Nick asks a good question in his blog post at Mysterious Universe: Where are the UFOs? | Mysterious Universe and points out that the UFO phenomena has definitely changed in recent years. So, what does that mean for UFO researchers? Redfern has some excellent suggestions, such as :
What this tells us is that many ufologists are already recognizing and realizing that if they are to get the answers to the UFO puzzle that they seek, it’s sure as hell not going to be by addressing today’s reports of “lights in the sky” and so on. The answers are to be found in history, in the past. It may well be that, 10 years from now, the primary role of the UFO seeker will not be to investigate current cases as such, but to take on the role of historian. And that would not be a bad thing. (Redfern)

I like Nick's philosophy here; history in order to learn, not to merely rehash or stew in nostalgia. But, as Nick Redfern writes, we ignore UFO history, we aren't going to get anywhere, especially if the phenomena has once again changed in recent years.

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