Friday, October 11, 2013

NIck Redfern: UFOs: Then and Now | Mysterious Universe

Follow up to Nick Redfern's article the other day. Some took his comments out of context, Nick responds at UFOs: Then and Now | Mysterious Universe.

Well, it’s very clear that after reading my most recent article – Where are the UFOs? – many people took what I actually wrote totally out of context. That is abundantly obvious from the dozens of comments that now follow the article. Despite what some incorrectly said, I did not deny the fact that UFOs are still seen today. Nor did I deny that people still report UFO sightings in large numbers. Rather, what I actually said (and only said) was that, today, we simply do not get anywhere near the numbers and percentages of so-called “classic” cases of years and decades gone by. (Redfern)

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