Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Of UFOs in Eugene, and Drone Research at Oregon State

It just occurred to me to look at the local news for any item related to the sighting I had last night (see posts below.) I don't watch the local news and it's not on my radar -- pun unintended. Justin Stapleton, a reporter with KEZI, had posted on his FB page an item and short video clip about the presumably same object. I couldn't see anything on the clilp however.

What popped up on the KEZI page was this item about Oregon State (OSU, home of the Beavers) and their drone activity. Love this quote, the understated comment of the year:
Drone Research at OSU | KEZI: “Technology is good up to a point,” said Corvallis resident Jai Adams. “And then it’s not. It gets misused.”

See posts below for my UFO -- or drone -- sighting on New Year's Eve, and items on drone "studies" in Oregon.

I emailed Stapleton at KEZI with my report. Interesting to see if anything comes of it.

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