Monday, February 17, 2014

Jeremy Vaeni: What If Missing Time Is Supposed To Stay Missing?

      Jeremy Vaeni's latest at his blog:What If Missing Time Is Supposed To Stay Missing? | JayVay
Having had at least two episodes of missing time involving UFOs, I was curious what Jeremy's thoughts were on missing time. Vaeni explores Jacques Vallee's Dimensions, which was published in 1988. Amazing to think that was over twenty years ago! The reader might be wondering why Vaeni is referencing a book that is over twenty years old to discuss missing time. As usual, Vaeni takes a unique perspective and leap and what he offers us is very worthwhile. (I get so exasperated with those that consider Vallee "old hat" as one supposed UFO "researcher" said to me some time ago.) 

     As Jeremy says, of Vallee and the UFO phenomena in general: "If you need a reminder of what great theater this “alien” enigma truly is, read Dimensions." Definitely.

     I urge you to read Vaeni's article, which asks very good questions. I don't want to do the work for you or rip off Jeremy -- always a disservice when quoting things out of context -- but I like what he says about the UFO theater humanity has been witness to for thousands of years:

     "Problem is, we don’t know those are aliens, we don’t know those are craft, we don’t know if the alleged craft is even piloted, and if you were to ask a supposed alien pilot, you’d just as likely be offered a pancake as you would be asked, “What’s existence?”  ~ Jeremy Vaeni

     Just what is missing time? Jeremy Vaeni offers us good suggestions on how to think upon this mysterious (for us, anyway) experience. 

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