Thursday, February 20, 2014

UFOs: Is There A There There? - Binnall of America

My latest column for Tim Binnall:

UFOs: Is There A There There? - Binnall of America: Not news, that there’s no news, no there there, when it comes to UFOs. Every few months or so, UFO Land pronounces in various ways and expressions of despair, that it is the end of UFOs. We don’t care, the public doesn’t care, the main stream media doesn’t care, and if even with all of that did care, it wouldn’t matter, because — in this loop of indulgent hand wringing chicken little smug self-righteous prophetic know it all statements — there is nothing new, nothing revealed, nothing disclosed. So there. Nothing to UFOs, it’s a waste of time, move on, do something useful with your lives, and stop researching the obviously fruitless realm of aliens and UFOs.
I call a loud, vibrant, vivid, raucous and disruptive bullshit on that. For those of us who’ve had multiple sightings, missing time, encounters with some kind of other, and all the hassles, weirdness, exclusions, and misunderstandings of such events, dismissing the exploration of UFOs as some kind of sad wasteland of the loser crowd is only arrogance, combined with ignorance. The worst kind of stuffed shirt Gringch from Smugville.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post.

If UFOs are such a waste of time, according to some, then why are they wasting so much of their precious time on the subject? Why are they working to hard to declare that the study of UFOs have no meaning or value? What is it that they are trying to convince themselves of?

Proclaiming the UFO subject dead is self-deluded. The phenomenon will continue with or without their participation.

How can anyone with an open mind and a healthy dose of curiosity not find the study of UFOs fascinating?

Terry the Censor said...

> I call a loud, vibrant, vivid, raucous and disruptive bullshit on that.

Thomas Bullard disagrees with you.

Paranthropology, Vol 5, Number 1, "Is the Anomalist on a Fool’s Errand?"

Curiously, though Bullard is severly criticial of UFO investigation and conclusions, I could find only one discussion online: Jerome Clark pooh-poohing the essay without refuting a single detail.!topic/ufo-collective/OmWr1ZZAQ_Y

Regan Lee said...

Ah, Terry, always a pleasure.

Haven't read the Bullard article you linked to yet. However, simply because someone disagrees with me does not mean I'm wrong. Or, that Bullard is wrong. Or, that … whatever. My opinion, is all.

A bit of irony, you linking to Bullard, since I referenced Bullard quite a bit many years ago during my college UFO folklore days. I found him very useful.

Okay, off to read the link you provided to see what's what.