Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bad Clown Story

Recent Staten Island creepy clown news; as The Anomalist asks, in today's news feed, just why is it some are afraid of clowns?

I wouldn't say I'm "afraid" but I dislike them. (although, the creepier and more out of place they are, I guess there is a "fear") -- years ago, hubby's company picnic, they had a clown for the kids. He was a big lumbering gravelly voiced clown, and seemed extremely unhappy. Bored, and rude. Kept telling the kids not to watch TV it's bad for you -- now, I actually have nothing against having kids watch way less TV but that's beside the point. I mean, this clown went off on a rant and wouldn't let it go. I expected him to whip out a cigarette any minute and a flask full of booze. He got easily annoyed with the kids, impatient and yanked things out of their hands if they didn't get the trick fast enough.
I kept looking around to see if any of the adults were picking up on any of this -- they weren't. I think a couple actually did but they chose to ignore it. Then this irksome sloppy rude pushy clown looks at me, I'm with my friend and her little daughter -- and says to me "Right, grandma?" GRANDMA???!!!  I was in my forties at the time! I mean, come on! Fucking GRANDMA??? When I told him I was NOT anyone's grandma, he didn't apologize or anything, he got a little smirk and actually kept saying it, calling out "grandma" to me as he went through his tired, sorry routine. I was ready to punch him out. That would be a sight: woman in her mid forties punching out a clown at a family friendly company picnic.

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