Saturday, March 1, 2014

UFO Casebook - An Error Has Occurred!

I follow a link and end up at UFO Casebook. And see this about the forum: "Sorry, you have been banned from this forum."UFO Casebook - An Error Has Occurred!

Now, it's possible I joined this site a long time ago. I'm always joining various sites and forums and then forget I've done so. So it's possible I was a member once, I really don't know. Either this is just some glitch, or indeed, I've been banned. If the latter, well dahlings, so veddy interesting! When I clicked on the "Register" link nothing happened, I remained stuck on the "banned" page.

Well, as I say. Either a glitch, or personal.

And the link I was following up on? Sean Meers. Oy.

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