Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stalled Emails, Evil Empire

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     My friend "Carol" with the life time of UFO/alien/general strangeness events, has mentioned to me several times that something -- some force or forces, energies or entities, vibrations -- like to keep us apart. Stop us from getting together to share high strangeness notes as it were.
For example, we, decades ago (decades ago!) would get together, along with others in her family as well as friends, to talk about these things. Then, suddenly, nothing. It was like we both had amnesia and forgot about each other. And yet, in typical Trickster ways, her husband and I (often along with my husband Jim)  would run into each other constantly, often two or three times in the same day.
     Not long ago however we did Carol and I did connect, and talked about this installed amnesia, this barrier seemingly placed by "them" and we decided to not let this happen again.

     Little things seem to happen to trip us up, but we're not letting them win. For example, as I wrote in my previous post, it took me almost half an hour to realize I was on the wrong street when visiting Carol. Since then, Carol has sent me at least two emails; they have not gone through. The address is correct, her email, my email works fine, etc. Yet emails sent from Carol to me are not coming through. Today Carol referred to "The Evil Empire of the short and gray." Indeed. Screw the little spindly bastards.

     If, of course, short gray spindly things they be. Carol has seen them, I have not. I have sensed them, I have "seen" them during a trance like state, others have sensed them in proximity to me, but I can't say I have seen seen them, if you know what I mean. I also think that the experiences we've all had -- Carol, myself, my husband, other friends of mine -- where we've felt without a doubt the presence of a very high intelligence, is not the grays, but something to do with what we call "the grays." But that's another path to follow another day.

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