Sunday, June 8, 2014

What Are We Doing in Maryland?!: Childhood Friends and Synchronicities

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     Every now and then, I have a dream about "Prudence O'Dell." That's not her real name of course, but "Prudence" is a real person. She is someone I was friends with all through elementary school (St. Mary Magdalene) and high school. We stayed in touch a bit until I was about twenty. Forty years later,  have no idea where she is, what her married name might be, etc.
     I just realized, the other night, every dream I have where Prudence is present, involves UFOs. Sometimes it's just a hint, a bare memory, sometimes it's a lively discussion about them, but always, these dreams have to do with UFOs in some way. As kids, we knew little if anything of UFOs, and to my conscious memory, had no experiences of that kind.
     So, the night before last, I dreamt my husband Jim and I are in Maryland, visiting Prudence:

     Jim and I are traveling across the country, and we're here with my childhood friend Prudence O'Dell. She seems fine, and it's good to see her, we're having a nice time. Her house seems to be one giant glass room; the walls are windows. We're sitting inside a giant fishbowl. Outside, it's meadows -- she lives out in the country in the middle of Baltimore, Maryland. I look outside, admiring the view, and say to Prudence "It's so nice! So wonderful you get to live in the country like this."
     Prudence looks around and says "Yes, but . . .  it's not what it seems. There's something not quite right out there. It isn't good to go out there. . . "
     I have a lucid moment in the dream; I wonder out loud "What the hell are we doing in Maryland?!"  Maryland, including Baltimore, is simply not a place I have ever wanted to visit. I find the fact that we're here in Maryland to be disturbing.

The day after this dream, I go to visit my friend "Carol" that I wrote about in the post below. (McMinnville and Floating Cows.) Carol has had UFO experiences -- as well as generally paranormal and anomalous experiences in general -- her whole life. As we were talking, Carol was sharing some of her experiences when she lived in Maryland.
     Now, as she was talking, I realized that I knew she had lived back east -- Maryland, New York, and other places, but I had forgotten. Obviously my subconscious remembered this fact about Carol and that's probably why my dream took place in Maryland; I knew I was going to visit her the next day. But why my childhood friend Prudence? Hmmm… maybe my own experiences were being nudged awake as well.
     There were other synchronicities as well. The day I went to visit with Carol, I was checking my Facebook page, as usual. For some odd reason I had dozens -- not one or two, or a few, but dozens, of posts from several different people I did not know about Buddhism, including Tibetan Buddhism. I wondered who the heck are these people?! Why am I getting so many posts from people I don't know about this? Not that I minded, but it was very odd.
     Later, on my way to Carol's, I parked on her street. And couldn't find her house. Walked up and down, drove up and down, parked, drove and parked again, walked again. Where the hell is her house? I have been there plenty of times. I walked past a house with a car parked in front with a Free Tibet bumper sticker, and the house: a Buddha in the front yard.
     Then I realized, in a scary moment of senior menopausal fog, I was on the wrong street! Carol lives the block over. Oy.
     As we were talking about so many things, Carol mentioned a friend of hers that practices Tibetan Buddhism. This woman is very deep into this realm; knows the language, has worked with the Dali Lama, etc. Carol's daughter has recently become a Buddhist, something I did not know.

     And, as is usual when in Carol's home, that "they're here" feeling was present. This time it was slight; not overt and powerful as it has been in the past, but there nonetheless. This is a slightly electrical feeling but more than that, a knowing of intelligent entities present. They're invisible but they are as real and here as any one of us. "They" listen, they're aware of us, they're highly intelligent. They are not human but human like in many ways. They are more aware of us than we of them. I've had this experience in other places (my two homes being among them) and verified by others. They appear when we discuss on a serious "real" level all this UFO stuff but more than that, paranormal/supernatural/spiritual ideas and experiences as well.
     Something that I remembered about Prudence: her father was a big wig scientist working for either the government or a corporation. I don't remember details, just that it was a big deal the way the family behaved around such news, but I wonder if that has anything at all to do with any of this? Or, not.

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