Sunday, August 17, 2014

Parade Magazine: McMinnville, OR Main Street

Today's Parade magazine has an article on quaint main streets across America. McMinnville, Oregon wins as "America's Best Main Street Finalist." No mention however, of anything to do with McMinnville's UFO history. No mention of the annual UFO Festival in May, the world wide famous Trent UFO snapshots, no photos of the happy goofy Alien Parade every year during the UFO Fest. True, McMinnville and Yamhill county is much more than just the UFO Fest -- famous wine country, the Evergreen aviation museum (home of the Spruce Goose), antiques and balloon races. Still, one would think something potentially perceived as true Americana like the annual UFO Festival would be mentioned.

Here's the link to the Parade magazine item: Check Out America's Best Main Street Finalist: McMinnville, Oregon!

Reptilian headed UFO Fest parade participant
Painting of Evelyn Trent on wall of Hotel Oregon; artist unknown. (please email me if you know the artist who painted this.)

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