Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Synchronicity Surge

Like most things metaphysical in my life, occurrences are random, or at least they seem so. For example, flurries of synchronities; not only random, but trivial, have been bombarding me the past couple of days. Why do they come in bunches, and why are they shallow? Have I been doing something special in terms of invoking the synchronicity gods, and have they answered with typical trickster like 'tude, giving me coincidences all right, but with no meaning?

My own laziness (I should start another blog: The Lazy Witch or some such) no doubt contributes. I haven't been writing these down but here goes:

1. Out of the blue, thinking of Cowboy Junkies and how great they were. What happened to them, I wondered, etc. Turn on the car radio, and there they were, singing Sweet Jane.

2. Another musical synchronicity: thinking of the wondrous Leonard Cohen -- is there anything new out, and so on, when I visit my FB page a few moments later see the ad for his new CD Popular Problems, to be released in September.

3. Actress Valerie Harper (Rhoda, etc.) pops into my head. No idea why. Idly wondered if she was still alive. Little bit later checking the TV listing for the day and see that The Haunting Of . . .  (with medium Kim Russo) season premier that night stars Valerie Harper (very much alive) and her long ago experience with a ghost.

4. (paraphrasing, but close) "If you still think this is all just coincidence then you haven't  been paying attention." This on the television show Under the Dome, which I never watch. But being tired after a day spent in the ER I was allowing myself to be a TV watching vegetable for the evening. (I'm fine by the way, but yeah, that was fun!)

I notice the trivial synchronicity moments all have to do with entertainment. Many more to list but that's the idea.

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