Thursday, August 21, 2014

Orb Turns Into Ghost? Witness Report

I received the following from Adam S. (last name on file) about an orange orb. But this is different than a UFO up in the night sky; this orb was indoors, and there was a ghost involved. While this is certainly strange, there have been reports of orbs and balls indoors, containing swirling lights and figures as I recall. As always, I am very appreciative of those witnesses who take the time to contact me and share their experiences. (The following is presented just as sent; no editing.)
Hi my name is Adam,
Paranormal activity has come to gain my attention over the years by certain things I could not explain or seem to understand. I stumbled across your website and thought I'd share my story. I work for the health care industry for a little over ten years now. One day at the retirement home I work for, me and my coworker Nichole were talking about weird occurrences in the home. We started talking about paranormal stuff while working the night shift. While cleaning I decided to sit at the first table in the dinning room for a short break. While sitting there Nichole sat down a minute as well. While sitting at the table we noticed a red orange light or orb about the size of a softball, flying around in the kitchen. Almost as soon as we seen it, it transformed in to woman and walked toward the kitchen sink out of our site from the dinning room. At first I thought I was seeing things. I asked Nichole if she had seen anything, but I didn't want to tell her what I had seen as I thought she would just follow suit with my story. Without telling Nichole what I had seen she explained to me she had seen a ball of light in the doorway to the kitchen that turned into a woman wearing what looked to be a dress or nightgown. At that point I knew what I seen was real. We could not explain what had happened or who the lady was. I went into the kitchen shortly after seeing it and no one was to be found. I have a emf app on my phone and it normally reads about 500-700 m Gauss normally I pulled it up quick and around the time shortly after seeing the orb it was reading about 1400-2700m Gauss. Nichole no long works for the home but I have started tracking certain events strange events with an app known as p.a.l or paranormal activity logger. I only work at the retirement home part time but have seen that the days I have noticed strange occurrences usually occurs on the days of a 13th or 21st. Not sure if there is any significants. (Adam S.)
There was a follow-up from Adam:
You can post it on your blog and use my name if you'd like. The orb was almost the same color as red orange in a fire. It looked almost like a fire ball as it flew around, it was very smooth looking and sphere shaped. If I had to described it in more detail I would say it looked almost like a softball that someone lit on fire and hurled across the kitchen. I work at another home where I have had other incidents as well. The other incident was a dark figure almost black to ultraviolet in color appeared about 3 to 4 feet in front of me. You could see it had facial features but for some reason it appeared in front of me looking away in the other direction. I never got a clear look at its face, just from the side. It stood about 5'10" to 6' and was about average build. My coworker Melissa at the time was facing the opposite direction. She turned around and seen it as well. She freaked out and said oh my god there is a guy standing right next to you. It disappeared shortly afterwards. (Adam S.)

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