Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Witness Account: Orange Orb Encounter

I received the following report of an orange orb encounter from witness Tom Ford. He kindly gave me permission to post his experience here.

A couple of things I find interesting. One is the synchronicity factor. The day I received Tom's email, I had just started work on my book Entering the Orb, which included sections on synchronicities. I also wrote about a possible psychic or telepathic communications with the orange orb (and UFOs in general.)  

In Tom's account, he was meditating when "visited by an orange orb." Tom notes that he "... be one who can contact these entities."
While performing a very personal and sacred meditation I was visited by an orange orb. May 12th 2012 midnight (approx.) The meditation was a plea for help regarding the state of the world & asking for help for all who live here. Wars, BP oil GoM, Fukushima, Hidden weaponry used against the populace,  etc.  After finishing the meditation I  then went outside and within a few moments the orange orb appeared from the back fence above the power line pole. It looked like it came up from out of the ground.... I walked towards the craft an orange orb about the size of the craft from flight of the navigator movie.  It was maybe 50-100' above ground, hovering it emitted a green flash ( not a beam) that lit up the sky. I braced myself and put my hands across my face.   The next few moments were just myself and the object being aware of each other. The craft took off  at 10's of thousands mph. Trajectory of the orb when it took off looked like a check mark in the sky.   It returned after disappearing, the next pass by it came down in a spiral from directly above, then vanished. After that it again buzzed the yard (VERY LOW) & made a nearby dog bark so loud & gutteral it sounded like it had seen a ghost. I may be one who can contact these entities. I have been wanting to share this & more details with you ever since I stumbled into this world of synchronicity. Peace  Tom

In my own sighting of the orange orb decades ago, I had always felt that the craft was waiting for me; when it was aware that I was aware of it, it interacted with me. And since there is missing time with this sighting, as well as confused cover memories (my husband was present and also saw the orb, but to this day we disagree on where we were coming back from, which direction, etc. We both agree however that we both experienced missing time) my sense that the orb was sentient, or controlled by sentient beings, feels right.

I have had other sightings where a telepathic communication of some kind -- some sort of psychic knowing surrounding myself and the craft -- took place.

Back to Tom's sighting: while there are some similarities, there are differences as well. I did not see any beams coming from the orb, while Tom recalls seeing a green beam of light. Also, his craft "buzzed" close to the ground, as well as rising up from the ground. However, the orange orb I saw did stop, then drop,  silently behind a house, seemingly landing in a neighbor's  backyard.

Tom also writes that he was meditating right before the orb appearance. I had an experience years ago during meditation where grays entered the room. They were definitely there, present, but if anyone had walked into the room, they wouldn't have seen anything.* The grays were angry at my meditating, and angrier still that they couldn't get at me -- I was meditating with crystals, including amethyst and a purple fluorite copper wand. While some UFO researchers refuse to seriously consider stuff like this because it isn't' scientific and is perceived as embarrassingly hippie new age fluff, I can't help that. It happened. Which suggests that for some UFO occurrences, whatever force it is that operates  here manifesting as entities and craft, lights and sparkles, exists on other levels other than the mundane. Nothing new in this at all but I mention it because of my own frustration that, after decades of exploring UFOs, this nebulous side of some UFO experiences isn't getting the attention it should.

Note: By the way, when I say "orb" I do not mean a spirit orb or some sort of ectoplasmic, misty type phenomena, as you'd see in a ghost investigation. I mean a literal, solid craft.

Many thanks to Tom Ford for sharing his sighting. And if you dear reader have either UFO or supernatural/paranormal sightings of your own you'd like to share, you can email me at orange

*The entities I saw during my meditation were sensed by another. That same night, across town, a friend of mine attended a meditation meeting. She had invited me to come but I didn't go. I knew nothing about the people, only my friend, who told me the next day that the meeting went well, but the woman leading the group looked at her and said "Your friend (meaning me) is, at this moment, battling her own entities."

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