Thursday, November 27, 2014

Do It Yourself Abduction Regression Kit:Golden Merkaba, Chariot

Jim and I, and some others with us,  are walking on the boardwalk by the ocean. It is twilight. Cool, but on the warmish side for November. Light rain falling, wind. Orange and yellow leaves are falling slowly to the ground. I hear the wind, the rustle of trees, the falling leaves, the ocean ... I tell everyone to stop and listen, there’s something happening here. Everyone tells me of course there is, it’s just the rain and the wind. I say no, not that, listen! There is a sound behind the expected, the normal. “They” are here, and by "they" of course I mean "them." You know, those invisible aliens and their morphing craft. Soon, all can hear this sound behind the sound. It's a kind of invisible humming, or... something. We watch a leaf fall very slowly to the wet pavement and I say “That’s not normal, it’s falling way too slowly and purposefully for a simple leaf.” The leaf then turns into a large yellow geometric shape, the size of a VW bug, a yellow jack (child's game of jacks) then   a golden  Merkaba. We know to look up, way way  up, in the sky which is now vibrating with shots of light. Clouds are shaking.  A large UFO/craft appears through the clouds and the feeling is clear and sharp: this is not good, not good at all.

image source:public domain,

Dream scene shift, and  we are in a pleasant conference type room, surrounded by picture windows, up in the wooded hills. Isolated, out of town. It's later this same night.  The subject is UFOs, and I am desperately trying to tell everyone about what had happened earlier with the changing leaf, as well as my past columns for UFO magazine. I feel an overwhelming urgency to get this information out.  People are asking me all kinds of questions -- they’re beginning to feel this urgency too. Then I say to someone it’s like “the other dreams, the dreams I’ve had before this.” And I realize that I’m dreaming now, and talking about other dreams within this dream. Layers of dreams, messages  just barely hiding within them.  

merkaba stone: image: regan lee

The presentation begins. We sit and watch a video on UFOs and abductions, and how using the tools presented in this film, we can now regress ourselves. No longer do we have to go to an untrustworthy hypnotist or researcher, or share with strangers . We can regress ourselves within ourselves, by ourselves. This is great news for us and most of us seem to accept this as a breakthrough. We feel empowered, and that's the important thing, even though we are also uneasy about what would be revealed via this do-it-yourself-hypnosis-abduction-regression-kit. 

Merkaba: ancient sacred symbol representing energies of the human body ascending, used in spiritual work. A tetrahedron; two pyramids as one.  The Merkaba protects, transforms, brings us closer to our higher selves. It is also the Hebrew word for Chariot. In Tarot, The Chariot

The color yellow can be yellow aventurine. I don't know if that was the specific stone in the dream, but I found it interesting that one characteristic of yellow aventurine is to "help people who have problems with power and control."  (Healing
Also:Those who are oversensitive or indecisive, issues relating to an unbalanced Sacral Chakra, can also benefit from Yellow Aventurine's reassuring and balancing energies. Meditating with a Yellow Aventurine Merkaba can help focus your intentions for manifesting a sense of ease in being yourself. (Healing
The Major Arcana tarot card, The Chariot, also has to do with control, will, assertiveness, direction, victory, travel. Interesting the Chariot is also a vehicle, as is a UFO/craft. Both the golden Merkaba and the Chariot have to do with will and control. 
image: public domain, Waite Rider deck
In the dream, the Golden Merkaba came down from above; disguised at first as a leaf, then a child's toy, then finally, the stone. It transformed from familiar things to something more esoteric. While it came down from above, so did the UFO. The Merkaba was not a negative energy, but the UFO was. Both out of my control, both out of my doing. Later, meeting with other like minded individuals, in the woods -- we were away from others, in a private setting surrounded by nature -- taking back our own power with the "do it yourself" kit. Retrieving memories lost to missing time is our choice, and the way we want to do that --  if we want to do that --  is our choice. Each one of us determines what it means, not some self-appointed UFO guru shames or trivializes those who do not share in his or her conclusions. 

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