Friday, December 5, 2014

The UFO Proletariat: Wait... What?! Alfred Lehmberg

Alfred Lehmberg on things gone wrong in UFO Land. At my blog UFO Proletariat, where, graciously, Lehmberg is a contributor:

The UFO Proletariat: Wait... What?!: In 2004 I was fresh from a substantive and emotionally messy donnybrook of the ufological kind. This regrettable kerfuffle involving the man called Mortellaro was the result of a knowing betrayal of my trust—neatly and before the fact—a betrayal as regards some kind of corporeal thread or inroad into this thing we're all interested in involving UFOs.

I'd bet on the wrong horse, frankly, and been humiliatingly hoaxed. Husband, father, grandfather, Air combat Veteran, Retired Army officer, Master Army Aviator, Summa college graduate, and aspiring writer on non-fiction, I was once burned, now, and maybe three times shy. (Lehmberg)

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