Saturday, December 20, 2014

alienviews: Ink And Stone... ...Part I

alienviews: Ink And Stone... ...Part I: I don't "believe" in UFO's, and I'm not splitting hairs, but *something* haunts the skies above, and shames us well down here. (Alfred Lehmberg)

Another good posting/poem/piece from Alfred. I like the way he begins: "I don't "believe" in UFO's…"

Exactly. They exist, they're here, and as to what they are… who knows. To assume they are all one thing, of the same source, is ridiculous. Ignorant. But to deny they exist is equally so. And in between that, to ask someone if they "believe in" UFO's suggests that the UFO is something that can bestow magick, or blessings, or , like so many mainstream gods of today (as then), hellish eternities and punishments. They can't, not really, even though some of the occupants of such craft pretend they can. I suppose their beyond belief technology can make it appear so -- it's a moot point, certainly.

But back to Alfred. Visit his page and read his stuff. And enjoy his artwork as well.

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