Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Saucer Sightings: Reindeer Bells

Happy Holidays everyone!

I'm reposting this memory/event from my Saucer Sightings blog, since it is the season! (Originally posted December 25, 2012)

Saucer Sightings: Reindeer Bells: Now, I've never related this story because it seems like a typical little girls innocent anticipation of Santa and Christmas magic. I have always been a little embarrassed , as an adult, that this memory has always been so damn vivid. It was real! I wasn't dreaming, I didn't just think it happened, it did happen! So, I just put this memory into that gray basket.

But last night, with a jolt of awareness, I realized that this event didn't happen during Christmas time! Adding to the strangeness: in the memory, I am on the second floor. I remember distinctly the night sky and the brilliant blue stars, so close I could easily touch them. Only, we didn't have a second floor.
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